E komo mai!

17 07 2011 Happy World

Pehea' oe?

Maika' i !

Oh, i LOVE the sound of the Hawaiian language so much!

Consisting of just 12 Latin letters, it's one of the shortest alphabets of the world with the lowest syllable count of all languages: just 126 !

But if you ask me - that low number doesn't matter at all, because the sound of the Hawaiian language is so beautiful melodic and fits just perfectly into the gorgeous nature sounds of the islands itself: the singing birds - the swaying palm trees - the ever so rolling waves.....

I can't imagine that there are even bad or aggressive words available in this language....

There are only about 1000 native speaking people left on the islands - half of them are over seventy.... - because English became the official language over 100 years ago. In the last years more and more residents became conscious about the great value and the importance to save the native island language. Thanks to this movement, some schools on the islands are already teaching Hawaiian.

Would you like to know the meaning of the words i used in the beginning?

E komo mai!  Welcome!

Pehea'oe ? How are you?

Maika'i !  I am well!

A hui hou !!!