Favorite Places

10 08 2012 Market day

I just arrived in California a few days ago. So lovely - I missed it a lot! If you would like to get up-dates it would be wonderful to connect via twitter and Instagram!

Meanwhile here is a re-post from last summer: 

Back to my old home town Santa Barbara for a few weeks.

Well, what's new?

Not to much - i guess, and that's a good thing...the wonderful sun, the beautiful beaches, the ice-cold ocean, relaxed easy living...

Let's take a look then at some of my favorite places around town over the next weeks.

Are you ready for some more fruit and vegetable pics? Because I'll start with my deeply beloved farmers market!

Santa Barbara and it's neighbor cities Goleta and Montecito put on a farmers market in different locations on each day of the week! 

Fantastic - I have been so grateful for it all those years we lived in Santa Barbara and basically never missed my 'market days'.

I have always been treated to the most wonderful, sun-kissed produce.

It's all fresh, local and mostly organic. If you are a regular at the market you get to personally know many of the farmers, which makes your shopping an even more fun event.

Some of my favorites at this favorite place are:

Hmmm - I"m off to lunch now...

XOXO, Anette 

Best Of

21 06 2012 Happy World

My last day at the Austrian herb farm - in case you missed day 2 , day 3, day 4 and the story how it all happened, please read here and here if you like.

I am completely filled with all those wonderful impressions of my Sonnentor-Maria-Andi-Austria-adventure.

I saw sooo much - and had soo many great experiences.

What was the best? Hard to say....

There is of course Maria - the spiritual organic herb-farm specialist, joy-yoga teacher and fasting expert, who made a deep impact with all her wise and kind words.

Or friendly and fun Andi and his oh-so-old tractor.

Maybe it's the fact, that i now know how a lentil plant looks like.

Could be the wonderful birds nesting and feeding their young right outside my bedroom window - and cats, too...and of course Jette, the cute baby cow!

Or the funny dirt lumps jumping joyfully to the sky from the wheels of the tractor on our tour thru the fields.

Not to forget my (almost) successful fights at night with Sonnentors' blog software. Currently Peter, one of this years candidate, visits another herb farmer of Sonnentors'.

I guess it's all together. All the big and small moments and wonders who made my time in Austria so very special.

A THOUSAND THANKS goes to Sonnentor, Andi and Maria for taking such good care of me. I will miss our talks and laughs and this beautiful country, but of course:

I ALWAYS look forward to the next great fun adventure!

XOXO, Anette